A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A simple 2D platforming game that includes all the bells and whistles of action. There is combat, AI, fancy movements, and levels!

Created for COGS as an educational game to teach basic features and unity.

Developers -
Alexander Xie - https://twitter.com/sorrer_
Luke Letourneau - https://twitter.com/_EnderL

Art by
Sebastian - https://twitter.com/sefemuza

Music by
John Boracci - https://twitter.com/BoracciOST

Install instructions

Unzip the zip, launch UntitledGame.exe and you are ready to play!


UntitledGame - Windows x64 - Hotfix2.zip 44 MB
UntitledGame - Windows x32 - Hotfix2.zip 41 MB
untitled-game-macos.zip 42 MB


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Really fun game. I had really fun playing this cant wait to see what you'll do in the future

Thanks! We're glad you enjoyed it :D

Interesting, loving it so far. Except for the bug that causes you to phase through solid object. Is this game still in the Alpha phase?

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This game was made to be very simple, and not a full game inorder to teach people how to make games! We're going to be doing some tutorials in a month or two. 

Also glad you enjoyed it! We're planning an actual different full game soon that'll be a lot better :D

Ah okay, glad to hear that then! The bug that causes you to glitch through objects really make this almost unplayable.

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Sorry about that! It's definitely a major oversight on our behalf. We'll get it rectified for our tutorial. Also if you want to test out our solution that'll be great (since this problem only appears on specific computers). 

Test out? What kind of test out?

Just the fix to the problem of getting stuck into objects. 

Got the x32 version available?

Oops, sorry about that! 32 Bit has been added!